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Intrigued by the darker, more raw side of femininity, Sabat's first issue 'The Maiden' explored contemporary witchcraft through online communities, pagan fashion, and the occult corners of Instagram. Now, the second issue casts light on 'The Mother' — dissecting the qualities that make up this mysterious female archetype.

Mothers are known for their unyielding love and sacrifice, but can also be stubborn in their duality. They are symbols of nature and power, and perform the ultimate human magic — creating new life. 

In this issue:

  • Household magic with The Hoodwitch founder Bri Luna
  • 'What's on your altar?' A look at the handmade crosses, quartz, skulls and pentagrams from #witchesofinstagram
  • Moons, feathers, knives, stones: Tarot for the bohemian wanderer
  • 'Fairest One of All': How the Evil Queen in Snow White is a symbol of the darker sides of the real mother
  • The Centre for Sacred Beekeeping and a sisterhood of bee activist/ performance artists
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe and other motherly saints and angels
  • A collection of 'Hidden Mothers' in Victorian imagery

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