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Les Others

Les Others is an outdoors, travel, and photography title published in both French and English. This fifth issue offers an in-depth review of randomness, coincidences and serendipity: Through photo series, travelogues and interviews, it explores the role of improvisation in creativity, the temperament of the sea, and how mountain climbers predict the weather from 5,000 miles away.

In this issue:

  • The unpredictable nature of mountains takes on another dimension when you tackle it slightly higher up. Stefan Bogner visits the high altitudes with his camera
  • Yan Giezendanner is a weather expert, capable of foreseeing the slightest weather window (a period of calm weather) from over 5,000 miles away 
  • Unable to find his place on the path society had laid out for him, Hiroki packed everything in overnight to focus on agriculture, a sector that may be at the dawn of a new age 
  • A trip to South Georgia means four days of perilous navigation from the Falkland Islands. Florence Joubert embarked on this journey aboard sailor Jérôme Poncet’s expedition boat
  • “We grow unhappy but we are born lonely,” French writer and lover of the sea Paul Guimard used to say. Photographer Laura Austin is convinced this thought helped her to see life differently, and embrace solitude on the road 

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