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Collating some of the most exciting photographic works on the internet, Justified magazine returns with its fifth issue. Mirroring a contemplative stroll through a gallery, their simple and elegant design, with sections devoted to individual photographers, provides an immersive reading experience. 

Drawing from their impressive online presence, where artists do week-long Instagram takeovers, the print issues refine their focus to showcase some of today's most compelling emerging talent.

In this issue:

  • Ilyes Griyeb talks about shooting Senegal's salt lakes (cover)
  • Daniel Everett on how he make sense of this confusing and, at times, overwhelming world
  • Sean Lemoine takes comfort in the familiar
  • Dive into Delaney Allen’s view of the great American outdoors
  • And works by Jess Gough, Cecilia Poupon, Gilleam Trapenberg and more

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