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Season Zine

Season is a cross between a football zine and fashion magazine. By sharing the stories of female fans, it empowers and showcases the interesting and creative women who love the sport and its surrounding culture.

This fourth issue is themed around money, a notoriously tricky subject to discuss, especially in male-dominated fields like football. Check out some of the stories below, which tackle issues including the gender pay gap, women who gamble on the game, and fake football shirts...

In this issue:

  • As women’s football gains momentum and Neymar’s transfer fee hits a record-breaking €220m, Gabrielle Kirschner wonders whether football's gender pay gap is changing

  • Perceptions of football betting are both confirmed and challenged when female fans are inserted into the narrative

  • Outspoken Naomi Accardi is the daughter of former footballer Giuseppe Accardi. The Adidas Originals’ brand marketing manager explains how family and football run through her life in Dubai

  • WAGS (footballers' Wives And Girlfriends) were arguably the most visible women in football culture in the 2000s and negatively stereotyped as gold diggers. But in light of Coleen Rooney’s recent dilemma, how has the phenomenon evolved, and can they be considered role models? 
  • And crowned the best curls on Instagram by, athlete Ocean Lewis also plays football for Soho Warriors and modelled at Tottenham’s 17/18 kit launch. Here the rising star showcases her own football jersey collection as she talks through her fandom and increasingly lucrative career(s)

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